Unless you've been living on a deserted island or living under a rock you know by now the worlds a mess. Politicians have no idea other than the idea of keeping themselves employed while the world goes to hell.

I may sound bitter and twisted. But I'm not. I'm actually quite relieved. I decided to 'get off the treadmill', to re-energise that creativity that we're all born with and Governments, Corporations, Educational institutions and 'the System', Religion, will do everything it can to knock it out of you.

So I have this web site well "WOO HOO", big deal. . Actually its just my collection of thoughts, photography, illustrations and my "Foodie frustrations" all placed in one place.

It all came to head when I was doing a "Food Wine and Music" radio segment on Australia's ABC wireless. So here it is.

I often get asked about the number of hits I get on social media or "Do you manipulate your photographs in Photoshop"? It really doesn't matter, because when you've discovered the freedom from all the trappings, nothing really matters anymore, except family and close friends. Oh and maybe a nice red wine.

Don Gillespie


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