If you've heard me on the radio doing Saturday Sizzle, you would have heard "Don Gillespie, 'the host on the coast with the most'". I certainly don't take that seriously. What I do is take seriously is having fun in the kitchen.

I take the recipes from the chefs featured in the program and cook their meals at home, match the food to wine and do it all listening to great music.

It's great way to see how easy or difficult it would be to recreate the meal at home. You'll find my comments about the meals, matching wines and suggested music.

It's mostly about getting back to those days when we sat around grandma's kitchen table, with family and friends, no TV, no phones and we actually communicated with each other.

Get to know your local butcher, your local green grocer. Support your local stores. Take turns cooking the evening meal, get the kids involved in growing a herb garden.

There's lots you can do to turn your everyday cooking the evening meal into a fun family time.

Don Gillespie



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